Research strands

Seven research strands have been created to meet these objectives. Each is managed from one of five principle research centres:


Focus 1 : Europe as a product of material civilisation
(UMR Roland Mousnier, Paris IV),





Focus 2 : Europe within a political epistemology
(EA Centre de recherche en histoire du XIXe siècle, Paris IV),




Focus 3 : European humanism or The construction of a Europe ‘from within’ between identity crisis and affirmation (UMR Roland Mousnier, Paris IV),





Focus 4 : Europe ‘from without’: borders, neighbours and distant others (EA CRHIA, Nantes),




Focus 5 : Europe of wars and marks of war
(UMR SIRICE, Paris 1),






Focus 6 : Gender and European identity (UMR SIRICE, Paris 1),







Focus 7 : National traditions, circulations and identities in European art (UMR A. Chastel).




The LabEx detailed program