The Encyclopaedia of a New History of Europe

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One of the objectives of the LabEx Écrire une Histoire nouvelle de l’Europe is to write an online encyclopedia for a new history of Europe. This encyclopedia will be thematic as well as bilingual, and will offer crosscutting and global approaches to European history. It is intended for a broad public including instructors in secondary and higher education, the academic community, students, political and decision-making circles, journalists…and anyone else who would like to consult it. It covers all periods of
history, and in view of the LabEx’s purpose of explaining today’s European crisis, it will provide readers with the historical keys for understanding the present.

The encyclopedia is structured by longer entries defining key questions, and will include shorter factual entries on more specific subjects. All entries will contain brief bibliographical suggestions to enable readers to explore further if they would like.

The coherence of the Encyclopedia will be overseen by a General Editorial Committee consisting of the members of the LabEx’s seven thematic research areas, along with its secretary general and his communications coordinator. Each research area will have a review committee to evaluate and academically validate the entries.

The encyclopedia was published online in January 2016, with approximately one hundred entries. The complete version will be available in 2019.