Focus 6 : Gender and Europe

Italian woman inspects the kilts of Pipe Majors William MacConnachie and William Boyd in the Colosseum, Rome, 6 June 1944
Source: Imperial War Museums

The LabEx project “Writing a New History of Europe” (“Écrire une histoire nouvelle de l’Europe”) is a long-term research program involving Paris Sorbonne, Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, Nantes Universities, and the École des Chartes. It is leading a new research project on gender. Our group wishes to study a new European history using a gendered approach. Our assumption is that gender has much to do with Europe and that gendered relationships and divisions are constitutive of the definition of the continent, whether Europe is seen as an imagined community or as a political space, as a market or as a cultural area. The members of the research project on gender are Anne-Laure Briatte-Peters, Ariane Jossin, Yannick Ripa, Régis Schlagdenhauffen, Françoise Thébaud and Fabrice Virgili.

Research notebook :