Focus 5 : Wars and Traces of War in Europe

“Into the Jaws of Death. U.S. Troops wading through water and Nazi gunfire” 6 june 1944, Omaha Beach, Normandie.
Source : National Archives catalog

Within the LabEx, research strand 5 explores the central role that war and its aftermath have played in modern European history. Its researchers study wars along with their material, memorial, and mental traces in an interdisciplinary manner and within a European context that is beyond national histories or overly tight chronologies, which are overrepresented in studies regarding war. They consequently seek to understand war in all of its dimensions. Their research aims to redefine certain keywords, such as guerilla warfare, small wars, civil war, world war, Cold War. Focusing on political, juridical, anthropological or cultural approaches, they finally question the very term of War, and its links with peace. It also involves calling into question the relations between winners and losers, defeats and victories in the time of war and in the long post-war term, forms of mobilization and demobilization, in different contexts: “war after the war” but also the process of rapprochement and reconciliation after a conflict. Research strand 5 aims to think together war, its traces, its memory and its representations.


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