L’espace public européen en question / Questioning the European Public Sphere


Corinne DORIA, Gérard RAULET, eds., L’espace public européen en question / Questioning the European Public Sphere, Collection : Pour une nouvelle histoire de l’Europe. Vol. 1, Eric Bussière, ed., Brussels, Bern, Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Oxford, Vienna, Peter Lang, 2016.

Over the course of the last sixty years, Europe has built

 itself as a political, legal, and economic space. Yet this process was not accompanied by the construction of a European public sphere, and this in spite of the wishes of its founding fathers, who sought to create in Europe a common cultural space recognized as such by its citizens. The European public sphere is currently reconfiguring itself through the internet and social media, and the time has come for a global reflection on this sphere, one that is both historical and methodological. When did a European public sphere appear for the first time in history? What were the institutions, events, and evolution that began with the Middle Ages and made it possible to conceive and perceive Europe as a common space, a public sphere? How and by whom has the public sphere in Europe been occupied at different moments in history? To what extent did geographical discoveries and the encounter with other cultures reinforce the perception of Europe as a common public sphere? How will the European public sphere be configured in the future? This work brings together contributions from Labex EHNE specialists (historians, philosophers, legal scholars, sociologists).


  • Corinne Doria/Gérard Raulet: Introduction. How to understand the European public sphere?
  • Gérard Raulet: Habermas and the mutations of the public sphere. An overview within the neo-liberal context
  • Olivier Voirol: From negation to problematization. The contributions and limits of the concept of the public sphere
  • Violeta Besirević: Troubles with the European public sphere: What’s European citizenship got to do with it?
  • Hauke Brunkhorst: The function of radical public discourse and public law in the evolution of post-European global law
  • Corinne Doria: A new “Republic of letters”? The sociability of European intellectuals in the early 19th century
  • Renaud Meltz: A European public sphere for an international public opinion in the early 19th century
  • Manuela Ceretta: Joseph de Maistre, or the force of the European public sphere and the end of Europe
  • Jörg Requate/Luise Stein: Creating a European public sphere. The example of the Algerian war
  • Maximilian Müller-Härlin: Competitors and parameters of a European public sphere, 1950-2015
  • Adrien Jahier: The civil dynamics surrounding regulation no. 517/2014 and the use of fluorinated greenhouse gases
  • Mikaël Chambru: The anti-nuclear protests surrounding the Superphénix. An analysis of the dynamics of an oppositional and transnational public sphere