Sexual Harassment at Work

Le contremaître Penaud : « Tas de brutes ! Vous voulez me faire faire la culbute, sous prétexte que j’ai culbuté vos femmes !… ». Jules Grandjouan, L’Assiette au beurre, no 214, 6 mai 1905, lors de la grève de Limoges.Foreman Penaud: “Bunch of brutes! You want to bring me down, on the pretext that I screwed your wives!...”. Jules Grandjouan, L’Assiette au beurre  214, May 6, 1905, during the Limoges strike.

Sexual harassment at work is difficult to define, for it is sometimes seen as a characteristic of emotional abuse or violence in general and sometimes as a specific entity unto itself. The workplace emerges as a specific locale for the exercise of violence and power, as demonstrated by the problem of sexual harassment. In the face of this phenomenon, different European countries have organized a series of attempts to respond to the problem, essentially in the form of regulatory law.