War and Displacement in the Ottoman Empire, 1890s-1923

Quand :
26 octobre 2018 @ 8 h 45 min – 16 h 30 min
Où :
University of Lausanne
1015 Lausanne

Colloque international « War and Displacement in the Ottoman Empire, 1890s-1923 »

Organisateurs (liste non-exhaustive) :
Catherine Horel (CNRS, axe 5),
Bettina Severin-Barboutie (Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen/LabEx EHNE).
Programme :

8.45 Coffee and Welcome

9.15-9.30: Introduction
Catherine Horel (University of Paris I) and Bettina Severin-Barboutie (University of Giessen)

9.30-11.00: First panel
Long term perspectives
Chair: Davide Rodigno (The Graduate Institute Geneva)

Denis Ljuljanović (University of Giessen),
Mohammedans from Montenegro looking for a Homeland: Examples of Migration and Integration into the Ottoman Bureaucracy (1870-1914)

Bat-Zion Eraqi Klorman (Open University of Israel),
From Yemen to Palestine: Jewish immigration under the Ottomans: 1881-1914

Matthias Beer (University of Tübingen),
Lausanne – a model? The Consequences of the Greek-Turkish population exchange for European history

11.00-11.30: Coffee break

11.30-12.30: Second panel
Transnational perspectives
Chair: Maurus Reinkowski (University of Basel)

Simone Egger (University of Bamberg),
Transnational Spaces and Biographies. The Schönwald Family from Smyrna 

Sarah Shields (University of North Carolina),
Displacement, Race, and “Protection”: European Jews, Refugee Restrictions, and Conflict in Postwar Palestine

12.30-13.30: Lunch break

13.30-15.00: Third panel
Times of war: The Balkan Wars and World War I
Chair: Stefan Rohdewald (University of Giessen)

Eyal Ginio (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
The Retracing of Communal Borders in Eastern Thrace: Cisr-i Mustafa Paşa and Dimetoka as Case-Studies

Ozan Arslan (Izmir University of Economics),
“Untrustworthy Muslims” Out and “Loyal Subjects of the Tsar” In:Two Different Forms of Migration Engineered by the Russian Empire in the Caucasus and Eastern Anatolia in WWI

Renaud Dorlhiac (EHESS Paris),
Musulmans d’Epire, Musulmans d’Empire ? La question tchame au regard des projets nationaux albanais, grec et turc (1913-1923)

15.00-15.30: Coffee break

15.30-16.30: Fourth panel
“Forced settlement”
Chair: Jordi Tejel Gorgas (University of Neuchâtel)

Ellinor Morack (University of Bamberg),
Movable People, Immovable Land. How Property Transfers helped (Post-Ottoman governments to make Forced Migrations Permanent (1890s-1923)

Catherine Bregianni (Academy of Athens),
Institutions internationales et acteurs locaux : Établissement rural de la population chrétienne échangée et réseaux socio-économiques en Grèce du Nord dans l’entre-deux-guerres